How to choose barbecue

A barbecue is a ritual in which we eat together with our family and friends on the weekend, at a celebration, during the summer holidays… The barbecue is a social event whose success will depend largely on our expertise, but also that the type of barbecue that we have suits our needs and does not fail us.

We exclude the so-called gas and electric barbecues, we should not even consider them as such, if there are no coals it makes no sense. Nor should we take into account the lowest range on the market: the paint jumps, the legs limp and can be dangerous.

The great experts in barbecues ensure that charcoal or wood barbecues are the only ones that achieve the “authentic barbecue flavor”. Charcoal barbecues are a classic and are the most used. Today there are charcoal barbecues for all tastes: traditional, modern, large, small, with or without an oven…

The most important thing when deciding on the purchase of a barbecue will be the space available and the number of diners.

Choose a model sized for the available space and for the place where you want to place it to grill. There are barbecues of all sizes that will fit whatever you need.

There are two things that should never happen at a barbecue: that we run out of food and that it arrives cold and late because our barbecue cannot cope. The first is avoided by carefully calculating the amount that each guest will eat, but the second will depend on the type of barbecue we choose. If we are going to have many parties and with many people, we cannot handle ourselves well with a barbecue with a small cooking surface.

If you have little space you can select a narrower model, for a 50 wide grill like our BBQ-128 model which, in addition to its striking aesthetics, has a side shelf to place dishes or utensils.

If you don’t have a problem with square footage, you can opt for the BBQ-62 model, especially if you expect to host large parties. In addition to the delights of the barbecue, its built-in oven will allow you to make wonderful roasts.

If you are looking for something for more discreet gatherings, you also have the BBQ-63 model, which, in addition to a good space for the grill, has a side bench that will allow you to place plates, dishes, utensils or spices…