Barbacue and built-in oven BBQ-109

1,975.00 (VAT not included)



This barbecue has two crushed chimneys. Barbecue with oven to bake bread, roast a kid, a suckling pig or other culinary recipes, it is also next door to make your barbecue. With this barbecue you can use the oven while cooking. Next to the barbecue there is a bench with a similar panel to give it more aesthetics and it is better for cleaning. On this countertop you can place kitchen utensils such as plates or dishes. Under the oven bench you can place the tools for the oven, and next to the firewood or charcoal for the grill, which is always very useful and everything is always tidy.

BBQ-109 barbecue
Measurements: (cm)
Length: 280
Depth: 124
Height: 270
Grill: 60 X 40
Oven: 100 X 100
Transportation: 3 pallets

Accessories, transport and assembly not included