Barbacue and built-in oven BBQ-117

2,000.00 (VAT not included)



Barbecue with oven on the left side ideal for roasting a pig or goat for when there are parties, in the middle we have the barbecue where meat or fish can be roasted and on the right side we have a counter with a decorative panel. In the front we have a sink to wash your utensils. Between the grill and the dishwasher you can place a plate or a dish. This BBQ has storage under the benches where you can place oven related tools under the oven bench and on the other benches you can place firewood or charcoal. Barbecues with two grinding chimneys.

BBQ-117 barbecue
Measurements: (cm)
Length: 280
Depth: 124
Height: 270
Grill: 60 X 40
Oven: 100 X 100
Transportation: 3 pallets

Accessories, transport and assembly not included