Wood oven HR-507

380.00 (VAT not included)



This is a good product and you can enjoy it for many years, just think of all the things you can cook in the oven and the time you will spend with family and friends. This is a handmade oven with a refractory brick interior. The main feature of these ovens is the perfect cooking for pizzas and baked goods, they are robust and elegant ovens.
Small oven, which can be placed in places with little space.
Oven with cement and refractory brick, with some bricks in the front of the oven, around the door.

Wood oven HR-507
Measurements: (cm)
External dimension of the oven 90 X 90
Oven interior size 75 X 65
Inside dimension of the door 35 X 30
Weight: 525 kg.

Accessories, transport and assembly not included