Wood oven HR-510

390.00 (VAT not included)



Wood-fired oven with a refractory brick front, this oven is ideal for baking bread, roasting a suckling pig, kid or making culinary recipes. This oven has a door that is divided into two parts to place the suckling pig skewer.
This oven is not just for pizza, but there are a variety of foods that can be prepared in this oven. It is fascinating to cook good recipes in a wood oven. Kiln with cement and refractory brick, with some bricks in the front of the kiln.

Wood oven HR-510
Measurements: (cm)
External dimension of the oven 100 X 100
Oven interior size 85 X 75
Inside dimension of the door 35 X 30
Weight: 630 kg.

Accessories, transport and assembly not included