Wood oven HR-513

400.00 (VAT not included)



Food made in a wood oven always has a more homemade, more traditional flavor and everyone likes it. Roasting a suckling pig in an oven is always enriching because it tastes good and the skin of the suckling pig is crispy and very delicious. This oven is not just for roasting suckling pig, the variety of foods that can be prepared in this oven is endless. It is fascinating to see how people prepare their recipes in a wood oven.
Kiln with cement and refractory brick, with some bricks in the front of the kiln.

Wood oven HR-513
Measurements: (cm)
External dimension of the oven 110 X 110
Oven interior size 95 X 85
Inside dimension of the door 35 X 30
Weight: 780 kg.

Accessories, transport and assembly not included