Wood oven HR-504

370.00 (VAT not included)



Handmade oven, with refractory brick interior. The main feature of these ovens is the perfect cooking for pizzas and baked goods. They are robust and elegant ovens. This oven is not just for pizza, but there are a variety of foods that can be prepared in this oven. It is fascinating to see the taste with which people make their own recipes in a wood oven.
Oven with a smaller dimension, which can be placed in places with little space.
Oven with cement and refractory brick, with some bricks in the front of the oven, around the door.

Wood oven HR-504
Measurements: (cm)
External dimension of the oven 80 X 80
Oven interior size 65 X 55
Door inside dimension 26 X 30
Weight: 380 kg.

Accessories, transport and assembly not included